The children in Southern Greenland, comprising of Kujalleq Municipality, need playgrounds, playgrounds that are fun and that develop motor skills. 

We need your help in order to collect around $30.000.  In our small club, as of July 2016, we have collected $2000.  We are also approaching other Danish Rotary clubs and Danish Foundations. 
Greenland is becoming more westernized. This poses new challenges to the current generation of children.  Playgrounds can help to prepare these children to live in a wild and unforgiving nature, and to provide them with a positive outlet for youthful energy in their leisure time..
Why in Southern Greenland? 
Kujalleq Municipality - the least-populated and smallest municipality in Greenland - has been experiencing depopulation in recent years (7151 inhabitants as of January 2013; 6928 by July 2015). Tax revenue has fallen as a result, leaving no funding available for playgrounds.
The implementation of the project will be supervised by local authorities.
The municipality capital is Qaqortoq.
So please help. 
Bank: Nykredit 
Branch: Greve 
Account number: 5471 1248091 
IBAN account number: DK4754710001248091 
For contact:  President Poul Erik Hansen.  E-mail:
Rotary E-Club One of Denmark  
The municipality's website (in Greenlandic and Danish) can be found by clicking here.
PS: The picture of the little girl is from Sisimiut, Greenland's second largest town, in another part of Greenland.