Use an eMakeUp as an Opportunity
to Get Updated on Developments within the Rotary Foundation.

The Rotary Foundation is where vision meets action and money. Devote an eMakeUp to keeping abreast of all the new initiatives that are being taken on a regular basis.You can catch upImage on some aspect of The Rotary Foundation which up until now has been more-or-less unfamiliar to you by visiting Rotary International's website for The Rotary Foundation (see below). Rotary provides extraordinary opportunities for individuals with shared interest in humanitarian service to find each other and to organize aid projects to effect change for the better in the world



Now that you have spent some time getting updated as to new developments within the Rotary Foundation, why not regard it as time spent making up a meeting?

You can use this activity as Step 1 in a 2-step eMakeUp with Rotary E-CLub One of Denmark; to complete Step 2 just click on this button and follow the Step 2-instructions: